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Sing for your supper


All traveling musical buffs, backpackers and grey nomads alike whether you’re a singer or can play anything from the guitar to the spoons,
Come down to our unique venue and perform for our crowd to receive a free meal and feature on our series of “Around the camp fire” videos .
Check out some of the Tallent  bellow.
Around the camp fire Pt 1
Around the campfire part 3
Around the camp fire part 5
Julie Kember and crew Encore performance newyears 2015
Villa Carlotta
Around the campfire part 2
Around the camp fire part 4
Around the camp fire Sic Jams
Adam Harris Harp man
Julie Kember Afterparty
Nicky Landmark
We have had some great talent perform here in the past  and have only recently started to record a few who would like to be put on our web site  and show case for you to enjoy, we hope to add some more soon so please come down a show us what you have got!!  A special shout out to Brian and John Retter with the Spinfx band for there contributions, please keep an ear ​out for them.